Distinguished Care and Partnerships

Child Guidance Center has more than 75 distinguished partners who join with us to provide a wide range of mental health services for Orange County children and families. In working along with experts who are among the best in the nation, we also offer the most up-to-date and comprehensive treatments and therapies.

Among our clinical partnerships are long-standing relationships with University of California Davis, Irvine and Los Angeles, as well as Harvard Institute of Coaching. We also work closely with United Way, hospitals, domestic violence service providers, law enforcement, school districts, public health agencies, the juvenile justice system, private evaluators, corporations and community-based nonprofit organizations to ensure coordinated and effective care.

For families struggling with financial pressures, our strong relationships with several community partners (including Family Resource Centers) help alleviate many of the economic stressors that make healing more difficult. Staff is highly trained in connecting families with the necessary resources to help stabilize situations and meet basic needs, allowing parents and children to focus on their behavioral health needs.

CGC is also an active member of many community-wide coalitions (Click here for a comprehensive List)